Interview with transfer student, Trey Jones


Leslie Cox discusses sustainability at the Hampshire farm!

Erika Linenfelser discusses sustainability at Hampshire

First year Hampshire student, Erika Linenfelser, talked to us about her view on Hampshire’s sustainability, what she’s doing to make the school more sustainable, what she thinks the school should be doing, her recent trip to Power Shift ’11 in Washington DC, and much more!

Interview with Hampshire student Cole Ratner

Interview with Hampshire student, Viva Hansen

We interviewed first year Hampshire student, Viva Hansen, about his view of Hampshire’s sustainability and what being sustainable means to him.

Rebecca Siegel talks about how sustainable she thinks Hampshire really is!

Watch this interview we did with Rebecca Siegel, who is a Hampshire student involved in environmental justice and sustainability at Hampshire. She told us about her own involvement in staying green and gives us her take on how well Hampshire is doing at staying sustainable!

Fred Wirth on Sustainability at Hampshire

We interviewed Professor Fred Wirth, who specializes in sustainability, to see what he thought of the college and how sustainable it really is. Find out about the history of sustainability at Hampshire, what it’s like to teach about sustainability at Hampshire, how student projects have played out, and more!