What Can You Do?

Recycle- it’s easy!

Recycling in Mods

Recycling in Merrill and Dakin

Recycling in Offices and Public Space

Use a Zipcar!

Hampshire is now home to Zipcars, which you can rent for up to four days. If you’re thinking about owning a car to keep on campus, consider using Zipcars as a more environmentally- friendly alternative!

Zipcars at Hampshire

Take some courses about the environment and sustainability!

Hampshire is a great place to find classes that are relevant to sustainability and the environment on a global level as well as a local one. Courses differ and range from general to very environmental issues and are a great way to get informed!

Green Academics

Join the Office of Environmental Health & Safety

Check out what the office has to offer for opportunities to learn more about Hampshire’s sustainable initiatives and what could be done to make our school more sustainable. They provide great resources for environmental leadership opportunities and information about performing environmental inspections as well as training in these areas.

Environmental Health & Safety

Easy Ways to Go Green!

Here are some ways “to Go Green and Save Green” shared on the website of the global environmental organization–Worldwatch Institute. Check it out and start going green HERE!


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